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Welcome to Casa Alcántara

Concealed in a dense arboreal garden of palms, cypresses, myrtle, bay and lentiscs, lies a secret world, the world of Casa Alcántara, an exclusive accommodation only 10 minutes from Jerez airport, Cadiz, Andalucia.

Here the family had their private shooting box; and on a bright crisp winter`s day, they would retire from shooting partridge to indulge in the simple pleasure of a country fireside, glittering copas of cooled Tio Pepe, or amber oloroso, and a homely lunch of hot sopa de ajos, eggs from the farm hens, gently fried in olive oil, or perhaps some spinach or Swiss chard grown between the vineyards on the hills behind the house.

Nº de Registro: CR/CA/00146